Today’s development of modern technology gives various versatile computer programs that will appeal to even the most sophisticated designer.

They include a lot of different graphic functions, vector graphics and other components that can help cope with any emerging problem.

Consider the most common and fairly high-quality software that a graphic designer should know.

Newtek lightwave3d

Programs that every graphic designer should know three-dimensional graphics and animation.

Proven over the years of experience using both in television, film production, and in the industry of creating computer games, this software package is also used for printing, industrial and web design, in architectural, medical and many other applications.

Alteros 3d version

Universal file viewer with customizable interface.

The program permits you to view any kind of 3D files (MAX, 3DS, VRML, LightWave, TrueSpace and many other formats), in addition to 2D graphic files (PSD, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and others). Built-in text editor uses to allow you to view and edit RTF and TXT files.


A fairly convenient viewer and converter of various 3d graphic formats. Able to independently determine the file format. If the format is among the supported file types, CtrlView will display this file in the correct form.

Corel draw graphics

A powerful intuitive application for creating vector illustrations and layout of output, which provides a wide range of development tools and modern effects, high-quality output tools.

Graphics Suite of CorelDRAW includes the next programs:

  • CorelDRAW – The Most Widespread Vector Graphics Editor
  • PHOTO-PAINT – raster graphics editor Presentation for working with pictures in the Raw Pixmantec RawShooter format
  • Corel CAPTURE – a platform for generating screenshots
  • Corel RAVE – permits you to animate raster and vector objects both.
  • Corel PowerTRACE is an application for quickly converting bitmaps to vector.

One of the advantages of the CorelDRAW program is a wide range of tools that a designer can use to develop and layout almost any element of a company’s trademark.

Adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop

This is the most popular technology used in graphic design as well as digital image editor in the world. The program Adobe Photoshop is designed for any work related to the creation and editing of bitmap images.

The images the program works with include book, newspaper and magazine illustrations, photographs, slides, video frames, frames of cartoon graphics and many, many others.

A wide range of program features allows it to be used by a wide range of creative specialists – artists, designers, photo artists, polygraphists, generally anyone who thinks in graphic images, color, composition.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator was conceived as a vector graphics editor, but designers use it for a variety of purposes, including as an illustrator.

The program has an intuitive interface, easy access to many functions, a wide range of drawing tools and advanced color, text, and text management capabilities that allow you to create vector images of any complexity.