As a web developer, you create and maintain websites or other web-based solutions. You often take on responsibilities associated with programmers and designers.

You are involved in the conception, design and creation of models of web solutions, to get more web design work as a freelancer but you also know how to write code and maintain it.

Web developers and programmers

The titles of web developer and web programmer are sometimes interchangeable. So what’s the difference?

The truth is that the two roles are very similar. Freelance web designers find jobs of web programmers and web developers that involve creating, writing code, and testing web-based solutions.

Web developer salaries

Like many skilled technology jobs that require programming expertise, the market for web developers is trendy.

As a web developer, you should be able to earn a starting salary of almost $ 65,000 in most Canadian cities except Montreal where demand is lower.

Your daily tasks

You must above all understand what makes an effective web design. You create attractive websites that work optimally. During a working day you will be required to:

  • Find creative concepts for new websites
  • Develop new website configurations
  • Create mockups and sitemaps
  • Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP and others
  • Add new components to existing sites
  • Consult your customers or supervisors

Where can you exercise?

Although web developer jobs are to get more web design clients as a freelancer and associated with the technology industry, web developers are found in all industries.

Any business that has a website and needs to update it will benefit from the expertise of web developers.



Web developer jobs

Required skills

To be successful as a web developer, you need to find a balance between creativity and programming skills. You are able to:

  • Program in a variety of web-based languages
  • Work with popular content management systems
  • Develop website concepts, designs and models
  • Create solutions optimized for mobile devices
  • Learn quickly and adapt to new technologies
  • Approach problems creatively
  • Understand the fundamentals of UX / UI
  • Adapt to changing and evolving technology
  • Respond well to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Talk to customers or your managers
  • Co-operate with others as part of a team
  • Required training

It is rare to have a job as a web developer without formal training. Most web developer jobs will require a post-secondary degree in computer science, IT, communications, business, design or another relevant field.

However, some self-taught developers who have an impressive portfolio may be able to get around this requirement.

Your career possibilities

With the proliferation of websites on the Internet, there is a huge need for experienced web developers who are dedicated to the design, development, and execution of a variety of web-based solutions.

As a qualified web developer, you can have the roles of designer and programmer at the same time, making you a valuable member of your company’s digital marketing team.