Have you noticed that when searching for information on relevant queries on Google, a user can see a map with a list of organizations that provide a service of interest to a person?

In addition to the map, the user sees the addresses and contact details of organizations, he can also immediately go to the company’s website or calculate a convenient route.

To obtain the necessary information, it is enough to enter the name of the service or product and the city (region) that interests him.

What gives an organization’s presence on a Google map

Increased traffic for regional requests

The number of potential customers is growing – the user immediately sees the necessary data, which means that it is easier for him to contact the company (store, cafe) or quickly understand how to get there.

The location of the company by region in Google appears.

In addition, registration on Google maps (which, incidentally, is free) increases brand awareness and credibility to get business label on Google maps.

business label

Placement of company branches on Google maps

If your company has ten or more branches, you should use the mass data download tool. How to do it:

Create a Google account using a corporate (non-personal) email address.

Create an organization account in the Google My Business.

Create a table in which current information about all branches will be indicated. This is necessary for their mass confirmation. The created table is uploaded to Google My Business.

Eliminate errors so that the publication of data goes smoothly. What are the shortcomings in mind? For example, incorrect data format, conflicting or inaccurate information. Also, an error will occur if not all information about the company is completed.

Request bulk confirmation. To do this, you must provide information about yourself and your company. Google needs personal information to prove that you are the owner or authorized representative of the company.

After mass confirmation, the branch information you provide will appear on Google maps and other Google services so that you can get a Google places label.

You can edit information about branches (update information, delete them) both in the personal account of the Google My Business service and in the table (but it will need to be uploaded to the site again).

Google My Business: Additional Service Features

The Google My Business service is gradually expanding opportunities for its users. So, for example, the Posts on Google option allows you to publish content directly in the search results.

What could it be? Information about upcoming events, texts on goods and services, brand news. Placing your news on the company’s card on Google will allow you to quickly convey information to a potential client, because the posts will be seen by those users who are looking for information about your company. Add your business to Google maps happily.